For what reason do I acknowledge it regardless of whether it isn't my mistake?


So frequently throughout everyday life, we go over circumstances wherein we emphatically feel, "For what reason must I acknowledge the entirety of this when it isn't my mistake?" 

Be that as it may, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, Oneself Illuminated Profound Expert, says, "Nobody, positively nobody in this world, has the option to say anything to you on the off chance that you are not to blame." 

So a riddle emerges in our psyche, 'how could I be to blame when it's the other individual who's come and given me awful words for no purpose?' How about we attempt to settle this riddle through Gnani's vision today. 

We say he gave me terrible words for no reasonable purpose. Anyway Gnani says there is an explanation. 

As per the law of Nature, our karma is the reason and the individual coming and giving us awful words is an impact of this reason. The reason occurs in our past life, however we will see its impact just in this life. Consequently, we get confused! 

The mistakes we've made in our previous existence are as of now being gotten back to us - it's as straightforward a condition as that! 

For example, we've proceeded to give terrible words to somebody in our past birth, and that is the explanation the awful words are being said to us at the present time. Our own mistake is being gotten back to us. As we sow, so do we harvest. Since we've planted a few thistles by mistake, we are procuring those thistles today. What's more, on the off chance that we've not wrongly sown thistles, Nature won't ever permit thistles to come in our life. 

When we comprehend this standard, it turns out to be not difficult to acknowledge whatever comes to us, for we realize that on the off chance that it has come to me, it implies it is my mistake (my karma). In the event that it was not my mistake, Nature couldn't ever have sent it to me. Henceforth, acknowledge it! 

What would we be able to do now to wash off our prior mistakes? 

1. Accept that it is 100% percent my mistake as it were. On understanding the law of karma, we understand that whatever occasions we can see occurring in our life are every one of the a consequence karmas which we ourselves have bound in the past birth. The other individual is only an instrument through whom Nature conveys to us the discipline or award as indicated by what we merit. Thus, for each situation, we will buckle down towards examining and tolerating how it is my mistake as it were. We are never considered liable for the deeds of the other individual. 

2. Being thankful to the next individual who we feel has insulted us. At the point when the other individual is affronting us, the specific mistake we made in the past is being set off and wrapped up! In this way, we will thank the other individual for freeing us from our mistakes and consequently causing us push ahead and progress on the way of freedom. 

3.  Confess, Apologize, and Promise for our mistake. We may sit for 15 minutes and in our brain say, "Goodness God, I have harmed this individual previously. I wholeheartedly apologize to you for my mistake. Kindly pardon me. I promise to never commit such errors again. Mercifully give me the solidarity to not recurrent these mistakes. I would prefer not to hurt any living being." Such an expression of remorse washes away the entirety of our negative karmas and it fortifies positive associations with others. Along these lines, in the event that you believe that you truly disdain this other individual or have an extremely awful connection with him then you may do this in any event, for 60 minutes. More the washing, the more cleaner the garments are!

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